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The National Crayon Recycle Program

Working Together With Crazy Crayons

Neither one could exist without kids that care about the Earth.

The National Crayon Recycle Program
We are a nonprofit organization on a mission to spread smiles and bring joy to children in vulnerable situations with our environmentally-friendly, recycled crayons!
Giving Back
Every donation helps make a difference in the World.
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Helping the Planet
Crayon recycling keeps waxy sludge out of landfills.
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Creating Positive Habits
Recycling teaches children how to be good stewards of the Earth.
How to Recycle Crayons
Beyond the
Environmental Impact
Your donations bring comfort and joy to children in need!

Making the World a Brighter, More Colorful Place

At NCRP, we believe that every child deserves to experience the simple joys of childhood, no matter their circumstances. Our mission is to spread happiness and unleash creativity by providing recycled crayons to children facing challenging situations. With your support, we can brighten their world while helping reduce environmental waste in the process.

Every Donation Helps Support Children Around the World!

The Original Crayon Recycler

Crayons Recycled Since 1993
Unwanted Crayons

Please Donate Your Unwanted Crayons

Crayons are petroleum products that take many years to biodegrade.


Just think for a moment, “How many dumpsters does that fill?”

The National Crayon Recycle Program recycles unwanted, rejected, broken crayons into new crayons, keeping thousands of pounds out of landfills and back into the creative hands of children!

You’ve Made a Difference

This recycling education and community service has made it possible to stop more than 170,000,000 pounds of unwanted crayons from going into landfills with the help of schools, organizations, educators, and kids across this country.

You compassion and generosity has also helped bring smiles to children in need around the world!

We sincerely appreciate your support!