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The Joy of Giving Back

Make an Impact

Millions of children face hardships and difficulties that most of us can’t imagine. Whether it’s due to poverty, illness, or displacement, these young ones often miss out on the simple joys that many take for granted.

It is the NCRP’s mission to bring joy to children in those vulnerable situations. Our crayons provide them with an opportunity to escape, even for a moment, into a world of colors and imagination, fostering a sense of hope and happiness.

Donations of your time, unwanted crayons or financial gifts help to give these children a therapeutic outlet of self-expression and put a smile on their face.

Nothing warms the heart more than the smile of a child.

The Color of HOPE

NCRP has partnered with the following charities and has made a pledge to provide monthly shipments of crayons to support their cause.

Thank you for helping us make a difference in these precious lives.

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