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Pope Francis School and Health Centre

Pope Francis School and Health Centre is located in Ghana, West Africa.  This school provides education and healthcare to malnourished children with special health needs.  Some of the special healthcare this school provides is treatment for the HIV virus.

The National Crayon Recycle Program, which partners with Crazy Crayons, has been donating recycled crayons to this educational program since 2019.

Learn More About the Pope Francis School and Health Centre at their website >>

You Can Help Too

The National Crayon Recycle Program is not only dedicated to helping create a positive impact on the Earth, but in bringing joy to children.  Every child is born with their own unique creativity.  Giving recycled crayons to children in desperate need provides the simple joy of creative expression.  It is not only fun, but therapeutic as well.

Your donations help the Nation Crayon Recycle Program reach more children in need and teach them to care for the Earth and each other.