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Why Recycle Crayons?

The Environmental Impact

Unfortunately, most crayons end up in landfills. Crayons are made of paraffin wax, a petroleum by-product, that is not biodegradable. In the U.S. alone, more than 60 million crayons are discarded each year. That is over 500,000 pounds of waxy sludge that won’t decompose.

Thankfully, like other oil based products, crayons can be recycled. Even the paper wrappings are recycled by the National Crayon Recycling Program.

Even the little things we do to help the planet make a difference.

Create Eco-Conscious Habits

Whether simply in your own home, or participating in an organized Crayon Collection Drive, there are so many lessons to be learned through the crayon recycling process.  Taking the time to donate unwanted items to organizations that can recycle, upcycle or re-use them, creates eco-friendly, charitable and altruistic habits. Developing these habits in ourselves and our children today is the foundation to creating a better tomorrow.

Make thoughtful choices every day.

Give Back

The National Crayon Recycle Program is dedicated to bringing joy to kids around the world.  By partnering with Crazy Crayons – a company that creates new, fun-shaped crayons from the recycled materials – the NCRP is able to provide the upcycled crayons to children in need.  The art created provides more than just a playful activity. It can be very therapeutic for traumatized children by allowing a safe emotional outlet through visual illustration. Although the psychological benefits are a wonderful byproduct, our goal is to bring a smile to a child’s face!

Every child's smile brightens the world a little bit more.